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Here are some pictures of what I produce in my kitchen

I love to cook. I love to eat. I love reading about food. I love talking about food. I am one of those people who takes a cookbook to read to sleep.


Or, I stay up way past my bedtime reading food blogs.


I love to experiment with new genres of cooking and with ingredients that are beyond my usual repertoire.


I love good old fashioned comfort foods too.


As a doula, I would love to nourish families with not only my company, my words, my energy and assistance, but also my cooking. I can plan and prepare meals for you and your family.


I can cater to all diets, whether vegetarian, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, seasonal only, etc. Whatever your tastes may be, let me know and I can build a menu for you.


Looking for a pantry makeover? We can discuss how to eliminate from your cupboard processed foods, hidden MSG, additives, preservatives, etc. We can discuss topics such as when "natural" isn't natural, or what are the "dirty dozen" of non-organic foods.


Looking for new storage for your kitchen? I can share with you how I've gone Phthalate and BPA free in my kitchen.


Green cleaning? I can share with you my top tips.


I am also a bit of a food activist. I regularly write to my supermarket, asking questions about quality and purity of the products I buy from them. I was once a member of the Soil Association. I also organise foodie workshops and film nights on foodie documentaries.

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