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I offer private and group Birth Art sessions, based on Pamela England’s birth art work. These sessions for pregnant women, either on their own, with their partners, or with friends, are for those looking for a creative and personal way to prepare for birth and motherhood. I will provide a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment for making and exploring images about pregnancy, birth, and mothering.

NO artistic talent, skill or experience is needed; art will not be analyzed or displayed. My focus is on the learning process, self-discovery, and deepening a woman's connection to her baby and herself.


As Pam England says, "unlike the learning we get from reading books, the learning necessary for a woman to completely participate in her birth must come from her, and in making birth art, an image can be wonderfully revealing. It is raw, honest and spontaneous. In drawings, a woman can express her innermost beliefs, and recall her perceptions and memories without any limitations of the spoken word."


The birth art sessions can be helpful in allowing you to explore fears, concerns you might not have been able to talk about or verbalise and can lead you to have new insights into your pregnancy. Also, in the quiet, reflective process of making birth art, you have the chance to connect with your baby, and to reflect on your journey in pregnancy overall.

Private sessions are about an hour long; group circles up to 90 minutes. Please contact me for booking and fee details. 

Birth Art Sessions

Birth art, pregnant woman
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