Those that I have supported have said...

'I asked Erin to be my doula because she understood where I was coming from; plus I loved her personality. My labour wasn't as I had planned, and I developed very high blood pressure. I wasn't allowed to have a birth pool to help cope with the pain but Erin helped me to keep my focus on breathing and my aim to have as natural a birth as possible. I think that without her help I would have given up at some point. Erin's help was irreplacable for me and my partner. Plus, a few days after giving birth Erin visited us with home made soup and bread, a wonderful gesture.' Aga and Mariusz
'My husband and I were extremely grateful to have Erin as our doula. She was very warm and attentive throughout our journey. Talking to her soothed my nerves and helped me to build up my confidence. As we don't have any family in the UK, it was great to get so much support from her.  Erin provided us with a lot of information.
When I went into labour, my husband and I were both relieved to have her around. Her presence and her expertise really helped us. It was really reassuring to have an experienced doula next to us who could answer all the questions we had. Erin also supported my husband  in a very professional and gentle manner throughout. It was the right choice for us, to have Erin as our doula for the arrival of our son.' Ting and Fred
My husband thought Erin was the perfect birth partner. He said they spoke to one another with their eyes and worked together perfectly for what I needed. He had the best experience that a dad could have.' Carolina and Dave
'Dear Erin, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I'm  so sorry you weren't present at the birth physically, but your presence was definitely felt emotionally and gave me so much strength. Knowing I had you to call carried me along and helped me cope. I know you would have only added to the positivity of the birth experience and any woman you support will be very lucky to have you. Thank you for caring about us and being part of our journey.' Jenna and Andy (* Jenna's baby came unexpectedly quickly with no time for neither me nor the midwife to arrive!)
“I had a wonderful natural birth in May 2015. My husband and I don’t know what we would have done without our amazing doula Erin. From the moment we met Erin we clicked. I felt an easy sense of comfort around her. I knew she would be perfect. We got to know her over two antenatal appointments where she took us through fear and anxiety release exercises, really preparing me for my labour. Looking back, we don’t know what we would have done without Erin. With Erin’s support I was able to have the beautiful birth that I wanted, overcoming my fears, and bringing my baby safely in to the world.” Leena and Atif
“Erin is a brilliant, attentive, considerate, patient doula. She was a calming reassuring presence. She is intuitive and imaginative and kept Claire calm during a frenetic 20 minute race to hospital. After baby was born, she was very helpful, looking after Claire’s needs, making sure she had all she wanted. She is a very friendly, approachable person who puts people at ease. I would recommend her extremely highly to any of my friends.” Mark and Claire
"We decided we wanted to have a doula about 3 month into the pregnancy as a support for both me and my husband. My husband called Erin as my contractions started and she was at our house a few hours later (when things started to speed up). From the very second she walked into our flat and put her bags down, we both felt a huge wave of relief which we really hadn’t imagined feeling! We felt reassured, we felt calm, we felt supported (both physically and mentally). Even though we had read a lot about the birthing process and we had taken a hypnobirthing course, nothing can prepare you for labour. To have someone with you with birthing experience and who is there to support you as a couple is totally invaluable. 
My labour was three days and Erin was absolutely incredible. She was present without being imposing. She was re assuring when we needed her to be. She was informed and helped us make decisions without pushing us in an direction. She was loving and kind, knowing when to offer support and knowing when to step back to give me and my husband time (we had a lot of it with a 3 day labour!!). She had stamina and patience, being right with us from the moment she arrived in our flat right up until we eventually met our little boy. 
Erin and my husband were the perfect team from the word go. It’s a lot of pressure on a husband to make informed decisions on behalf of a couple when emotions are running high, sleep deprivation is setting in and no previous birthing experience has been had. At one point we were faced with a decision that my husband was able to discuss with Erin while I was in the bathroom. By the time i was out, he had the situation clear in his head, they had discussed the pros and cons and we had a game plan  allowing me to solely concentrate on the labour. 
I look back on my birth story with such fond memories. I felt in control and supported by my amazing husband, Erin and the midwives and doctors which gave me a strength I had no idea I had. 
We couldn’t recommend Erin highly enough. We feel so grateful she was with us and we love the fact she’ll always be part of our birthing story."  Hannah and Josh
"Erin was our Doula for the birth of our son. He is our second child so we had done it all once before but wanted the security of someone else being with us when he arrived as we were worried it might all be very hectic and we wanted to avoid any panic for either for my husband or me. Both Erin and her doula partner  came to the pre birth meetings bringing many healthy cookies and treats along the way.
As for the birth itself; it was a Sunday morning and my waters had broken in the shower. We went to the hospital for what we thought would be a check up though I had had no contractions and kept Erin in the loop. Whilst in the waiting room I could feel that suddenly things were starting to happen. My husband called Erin and she arrived quickly. With it being the second time I gave birth things were moving quite fast. I remember that I found it very calming to have Erin around, to hear her voice and encouragements. It was great comfort for my husband as well.
The aftercare was great too. Erin and her partner Doula came over a few times and brought food for the whole family and made sure we were all ok and adjusting well to having a second baby. Thank you very much!" Ursula

I love to cook

As a postnatal doula, feel free to let me in to your kitchen to prepare for you and your family nutrient dense, delicious food. I will also bring a homecooked treat to all birth clients during their postnatal visit. 

Check out the instagram feed for more pictures of my delicious and nutritious meals.

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