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Private Antenatal Sessions

For those who would like bespoke antenatal birth preparation, I can provide private one to one antenatal sessions for you and your partner in the comfort of your own home.


My package is 3 meetings of 2-2.5 hours which would cover all the information and activities that I offer to those selecting the birth doula package. These sessions are tailored to your needs and we can review whatever you feel is necessary to help you and your partner feel relaxed, prepared, and confident.


If you are also attending a group birth preparation course (with, for example the NCT) we could use this time together to answer any residual questions, as well as focus on your own emotional needs and go deeper into reflections on fears or anxieties you have surrounding the labour or parenting. This would also be your opportunity to tap into the inner, intuitive wisdom you have within you, discuss how you can relax and cope with the sensations of labour, and how your partner can support you.


If you are not taking any additional courses, we could also discuss the “modern knowing” of preparing for birth covering topics such as the physiology of birth, your birth preferences, positions for labour and delivery, delivering the placenta, as well as newborn care.


If you are curious about this, please do get in touch, and we can go over in more depth about what we could do and discuss in these sessions.

Single sessions can also be offered. 

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