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I have been a Birth Doula to women having birth at home and in hospital, first, second, third and fourth child. I have postnatal experience with twins. 


In 2006 I had a hospital birth at Kingston Hospital with my first child. In 2008 I had a home water birth with my second child. I had the same doula for both births.


I have my own experience with Hypnobirthing, Bowen Technique and acupuncture for inducing labour when overdue.


I was an 'Outstanding' Ofsted Registered Childminder from May 2009 to

March 2020 (useful for postnatal doula support if you have an older child.).

I was Chair of the Kingston Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP), from 2019-2021, getting women's voices heard.


I volunteered with Kingston Home Birth, a community support group for parents interested in learning more about the option of a home birth for 10 years.


I volunteered for the Kingston NCT, serving on their committee for 7 years.


I was a volunteer with the Kingston and Merton Real Nappy Network.

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