I love to cook

As a post natal doula, feel free to let me in to your kitchen to prepare for you and your family nutrient dense, delicious food. I will also bring a homecooked treat to all birth clients during their post natal visit. 

Check out the instagram feed for more pictures of my delicious and nutritious meals.

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I live in Kingston upon Thames, London, but serve women and couples in all areas of London and Surrey. 

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Support in the early days, with your new baby

Welcome to the Fourth Trimester!


I offer you care and nourishment in your own home. We will talk about the concept of the Fourth Trimester and what it means to you. We will review any questions you may have. Some topics could perhaps be:


  • Breastfeeding/formula feeding/mixed feeding

  • Routines or Responsive

  • Learning baby's sleep and feeding cues

  • How to sooth baby

  • What does it mean when my baby cries? Crying and cortisol.

  • Weaning and family nutrition

  • Returning to work and childcare options/work at home mum/stay at home mum...changing identity

I will give you the opportunity to attend to chores or projects, to sleep or have a bath, or to go for a walk, alone to reflect, while I hold your baby, holding her/him close, keeping her/him warm and protected.

I can give you the opportunity to put your feet up and rest with your baby and not feel guilty that the floors are not swept, the kitchen is a mess, and the clothes are not folded. I can do that for you.

I can nourish you with home cooked food, baked goods or meals. I love to cook. I love to feed people. Talking about food is one of my passions.

I can meet you at your gym/yoga studio, and hold your baby while you strengthen, meditate and relax.

I will listen to your birth story, every detail, over and over again.

I can tend to any older children, as well as the baby, so you can rest. I have been an 'Outstanding' Ofsted Registered Childminder for 11 years, so you can rest assured the children are happy. We can talk about child development and how children learn.

You will be welcome to borrow any of my books on child development and parenting, as well as any of the back issues I have to Juno Magazine, The Mother Magazine, and Green Parenting.

I will come to you for a few hours a week, for a few weeks, as we decide necessary, and be there with you as you walk the path of new motherhood, second time motherhood, third time motherhood, whatever it may be.

I live in Kingston upon Thames but I work with women from all over SW London, Surrey, central London and beyond.