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Postnatal Support

I offer support to new families to help you navigate the early days with your babies; I am there for you and your partner to help you both in this special and magical time. 

As a postnatal doula, I am a specialist in this unique time in a woman’s life, for herself as well as for her family. In those early days, I can help you to get some well deserved rest, holding and looking after your baby while you sleep, or do your chores/projects, or simply have "me-time". I have also trained with, a Royal College of Midwives accredited lactation course towards becoming a Lactation Consultant so I can support you in breastfeeding as well. However, I am happy to support your feeding choices, whether they are breast, bottle or mixed feeding. I am there to listen, help you reflect as you get to know your baby, learning his/her cues, routines, and what soothes and settles him/her. We can also talk about baby care in the early days: bathing, swaddling, sleeping, etc.


I can do some light tidying and cooking. My specialty is cooking; I love to cook healthy nutrient dense meals and I have a particular interest in postnatal nourishment. I can cook family meals for the day that I visit you, as well as more to freeze and have through the week until my next visit. 

My support to you will also be an opportunity for you to debrief, reflect verbally, ask questions, talk about your observations of your baby, or just have a cry with someone who knows how hard it is and won't judge you! I will follow up my visits to you signposting information with links, articles, and videos.


Some things we can talk about are: 

  • Your birth story

  • the Fourth Trimester

  • infant sleep,

  • rountines/ritual,

  • infant feeding: Breastfeeding/formula feeding/mixed feeding,

  • soothing baby: crying and cortisol, the calming reflex

  • postnatal nutrition,

  • baby development,

  • changing identity,

  • postnatal mental wellbeing.


I was an Ofsted registered 'Outstanding' Childminder for 12 years, so we can also talk about baby and child development. If you have more than one child, we can talk about, for example, balancing everyone's needs, learning through play, and play activities.

My role is to "mother the mother": be a supportive, helping, reassuring and comforting presence. I work well from to-do lists, as well as just using my intuition so that I can arrive at your home and hit the ground running, so to speak. I am very easy going, and good at multi tasking. I am a good listener and we can talk about anything that is on your mind.

I am happy to take either ad hoc or block bookings. 

I work with families all over SW London, central London, and Surrey

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