Support in the early days, with your new baby

My Virtual Support:

In these uncertain times with C-19, I am offering virtual support to new families to help them navigate the early days with their babies. Through a platform of your choosing, I can be there for you and your partner virtually to help you as soon as you return home from birthing your baby. 

My support to you will be an opportunity for you to debrief, reflect verbally, ask questions, talk about your observations of your baby, or just have a cry with someone who knows how hard it is and won't judge you! I will follow up our conversations signposting information with links, articles, and videos.


Some things we can talk about are: 

  • Your birth story

  • the Fourth Trimester

  • infant sleep,

  • rountines/ritual,

  • infant feeding: Breastfeeding/formula feeding/mixed feeding,

  • soothing baby: crying and cortisol, the calming reflex

  • postnatal nutrition,

  • baby development,

  • changing identity,

  • postnatal mental wellbeing.


I have also been an Ofsted registered 'Outstanding' Childminder for 12 years, so we can also talk about child development. If you have more than one child, we can talk about, for example, balancing everyone's needs, learning through play, and play activities while we are all indoors.


We could plan it for every day, or every other day, or just a couple of times a week. We could start with saying let's schedule in an hour at a time, and of course if a lot is going on we just extend the session, as needed. 

We can use facetime or skype, or another other platform you prefer. 


The early days of having a baby are tough, no doubt, and now with not being able to get out and about like normal, I want to provide women with the opportunity to get support. 


Included in any booking is ongoing text/whatsapp access to me during the duration of our booking. If something comes up, and it can’t wait to our session, I am happy to receive a text and troubleshoot as we go. 


I am happy to take either ad hoc or block bookings. 

I live in Kingston upon Thames, but virtually, I can work with women from anywhere. 

"Not sure what I'd do without Erin's virtual support!

My daughter was born in the second week of March, and Erin was due to start as my Postnatal Doula just as London went into lockdown. Even though I haven’t been able to have Erin over to be with my daughter and me because of the current situation, Erin has been a fantastic support to me so far over the first four weeks of my daughter’s life, via FaceTime, telephone and text. We speak every other day or so and she shares with me her advice, knowledge and research and I ask all of the questions under the sun, so far relating to nappy rash, tongue tie, feeding (breast, bottle with expressed milk and formula), nappies, baby behaviour, dummies, sleep, wind, colic, my feelings, etc. The list is ongoing as the days go by! I originally wanted a post-natal Doula for those early weeks after having a baby, as I didn’t know what to expect from my life as a new Mummy, and thought I’d need the support and reassurance from someone who knows what they’re doing and talking about, and that’s exactly what I’m getting. I’m not sure how I’d be without Erin, especially at a time like this!" Hannah L.