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Postnatal Massage and Ceremony

In my desire to honour women in the postnatal period, I am pursuing a study in traditions around the world, while focusing on what I can offer women here in my community.


I offer a deeply relaxing and powerful ceremony which includes a specially selected herbal blend for a relaxing and refreshing bath, a postnatal massage with specially selected oils, and a method of rocking the hips for a "closing" or "sealing", both energetically and physically.


In this ceremony, you can let go of what no longer serves you and call your energy back to your core so you can start this new phase of your life whole and energized.

In this safe and nurturing space I create for you, you can allow yourself to acknowledge that in the journey of pregnancy and birth you have been open, and now you are closing with intention.

My intention is to pass down traditional, grandmother wisdom and to nurture and nourish you, and bestow blessings upon you. I will remind you that you are loved, you are strong, and you are a creator of life. I will remind you that you are good enough, you are appreciated and that you, and your body, are magical. 

It is a really lovely ceremony, something every mother deserves.

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