I love to cook

As a post natal doula, feel free to let me in to your kitchen to prepare for you and your family nutrient dense, delicious food. I will also bring a homecooked treat to all birth clients during their post natal visit. 

Check out the instagram feed for more pictures of my delicious and nutritious meals.

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I live in Kingston upon Thames, London, but serve women and couples in all areas of London and Surrey. 

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In October 2015 I attended the Sacred Postpartum Mother Roasting workshop ( in Dunbar, Scotland and learned the art of post natal Mother Roasting. 



Belly Binding

You can use Belly binding as part of your recovery from childbirth. Your abdomen is wrapped snuggly with fabric in order to support your body’s natural healing process. This traditional method of supporting the body helps the abdominal wall muscle retract, improves posture, supports loosened ligaments and provides support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position. Wrapping can be done over your clothes or under using an under wrap.



Belly firming paste

With the Sacred Postpartum sacred spice recipe, and with intention I will prepare a Belly firming paste. This is ideally used under your Belly Bind.



Closing the Bones and Sealing Ceremony

This ceremony honours you and supports you in important energetic closing. By bringing the bones back together, you bring your energy back into your center, back to your core. An important gift to yourself is acknowledging that you have been open and now you are closing with intention. The clear message to yourself is that you care enough to give your energy back to yourself. You love yourself enough to become your shining whole again. Once you do this for yourself, the intention is to find deeper reserves to meet the needs of all those others you love in your life



Sitz Bath

With the Sacred Postpartum sacred herb recipe, and with intention, I will prepare a Sitz Bath for you. While you rest, relax I will hold your baby for you. You can let go of what no longer serves you, spark up your energetic field and call your energy back to your core so you can start this new phase of your life whole and energized.



Sacred Tea

With the Sacred Postpartum sacred herbal tea recipe, and with intention, I will prepare for you a nourishing herbal tea and serve it to you in ceremony.

Mother Warming Services