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Celebrating your journey to Motherhood

Whether this is your first or your fifth child, you deserve a Mother Blessing.


I first learned about Mother Blessings many years ago and have been holding them for women since 2012.

I see birth as a rite of passage, and with the power of ceremony and celebration, I honour you, as the giver-of-life. We spend much time thinking about the stages of labour and the gear to buy for nursery, but what about taking the time to think about the strength and intuitive knowing a mother-to-be has. A Mother Blessing provides the opportunity for her to explore this, to gain confidence through the love and friendship, to gather in a safe circle with close friends and family to build connection and open herself to the power of the collective feminine spirit: that is, the timeless wisdom and a power that lives in us and around us. 


A Mother Blessing helps a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the work of labour, birth and parenting.


We will co create your ceremony, and in doing so I will explore with you your wishes and intentions. We set a date, and you would provide me with the names and contact details of your guests. Then I do the rest!


The format goes something like this: 


  • Gather, welcomes and introductions

  • Purpose of Mother Blessing

  • The giving of gifts and blessings

  • Honoring of the mother-to-be

  • Poems, songs, or creative activities

  • Give thanks 

  • Feast


There can be a spiritual element to Mother Blessings (though doesn’t have to be) and I have facilitated gatherings for many types of faiths: Christian, Muslim, pantheistic and non-denominational.



Fees: Please contact me to discuss fees.

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