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Birth Trauma recovery with the 3 Step Rewind


I offer a 3 step process for people who are struggling with trauma symptoms from their birth or from a perinatal experience. I trained in 'Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind' with the College of Perinatal Emotional Health in 2018 and offer this to both women and their partners.


Sadly, 30% of births leave the mother, partner or family in a state of trauma and, of those, up to 9% suffer from PTSD.


Trauma symptoms include: anxiety, recurrent thoughts, flashbacks, anger, avoidance and hyper vigilance. 


PTSD symptoms include: flashbacks, a sense of heightened anxiety, constantly feeling on the alert, avoiding anything that reminds you of the trauma.


The 3 Step Rewind process aims to lift those symptoms. It is a safe, gentle and effective neuro linguistic programming (NLP) exercise which will re-process the memory of what happened. This clears the trauma and creates the space to begin experiencing peace, hope and more positive feelings. 


I will work with you to understand the impact of what happened, how it is affecting your day to day life, disturbing your inner world and causing you to respond in ways that are sometimes unhelpful. We work together to discover the changes that could take place if you were able to remove negative ways of thinking, feelings and responses. 


Over a series of three meetings, I create a safe and nurturing space for you to go through the process of unhooking negative feelings and emotions from the memory of what happened. 

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Here is what the process looks like step by step: 

Session 1 is to hear your story (should you want to tell it, you don't have to if you don't want to), to understand how it is still impacting on your day to day life now and how you would like to feel if these feelings/ways of responding were lifted. We practice relaxation and imagine your future free of those feelings whilst deeply relaxed. It is usually 90 minutes. 


Session 2 is to use the Rewind to re-process the memory of your birth so it no longer holds any emotional charge or anxiety. You will experience your future solution state whilst deeply relaxed. This is usually 60 minutes and I suggest holding this session about one week after the first session. 


Session 3 is to check back in that those changes have taken place. We focus on building confidence and resilience so that you no longer feel like you are owned by what happened and you are able to begin enjoying your life as a new parent. This is usually 60 minutes and I suggest holding this session about 2 weeks after the second session. 


**Please note, the 3 Step Rewind is not suitable for if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and you are receiving treatment for it, or if you are seeking a diagnosis. I am not able to provide medical help; I am not a clinician. 

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Your transformation: 

The Rewind will lift the feelings about your birth and give you an opportunity to think differently about your future. You will realise you can choose different ways to respond to situations and you will release limiting beliefs. You will create a picture of how you would like to feel, what you will be doing, how you will be responding, what will have changed, and how your relationships would be different if they no longer had the feelings associated with any trauma you may have experienced in your baby’s birth, or during a perinatal experience. 

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“I had birth trauma and Erin guided me to lift up the trauma through the Rewind Technique before the next birth. She is considerate, delightful and professional. I would highly recommend her.” Brenda

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Please contact me for fees (which include a bespoke guided meditation of your future self) and to arrange booking the sessions; I am available weekdays and weekends, day time and most evenings.

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