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Carolina's Blessingway

'When Erin (who was also our beautiful doula) asked me do you want me to organise a Blessingway, she kindly talked about it but without revealing too much. I liked the idea that it wasn't about the baby like a baby shower, but it is completely focused on the mother and her journey to motherhood. 


We then had a meeting about it; she went with all the info and like a fairy she organised everything with my friends. Up till the day I really didn't know what to expect. 


On the day Erin arrived and like May Poppins she got all sort of things out of her bag: Little figurines, candles, etc. Then guests starting to arrive and suddenly there they were my lovely friends. The circle was open! Throughout the evening I had tears, laughter and all the emotions and feelings running through me and my awaited baby. Erin was amazing with such good preparation and organisation.  It was one of the best gatherings that I have ever experienced. I loved very minute of it and will definitely asked her again for the next one.'

Amy's Blessingway

'I want to thank you for making such a lovely Blessingway Ceremony for me and all the ladies. It was such a lovely day and truly meant a lot to me to share that time with all of you who came. I really enjoyed the rituals of bringing the group together and am grateful for getting to experience a blessingway with you. All your efforts didn't go unmissed. Thank you!'

Jenna's Blessingway 

'I cannot recommend Erin and her Blessingway enough!  A natural host with an affectionate presence, Erin facilitated such a special afternoon for me and my girlfriends.  The rituals and thoughtful words were lovely, as well as emotional, along with all the special touches along the way which created a sacred, almost magical space.  I feel empowered for my birth with inner strength gained from an incredible time spent feeling loved.  Erin, thank you so much for all you did - it was amazing to not have to do anything either!'

Sanita's Blessingway 

'Fortunately for me.. I knew Erin prior to my mother blessing. When I told erin I was pregnant she was naturally very supportive. I had a bit of a difficult pregnancy with various ailments and Erin was my virtual doula always checking in on me- It was so thoughtful of her. I can't remember how it came about but Erin kindly agreed to perform my mother blessing. 


As this was my third pregnancy I really wanted to honour it in every way spiritually that I may have missed out on previously. the mother blessing resonated deeply with me so I really wanted to do this. So whilst I felt pretty crap physically I was deeply connected to my baby, my Birth journey and felt a strong calling to do this.


We arranged the mother blessing for a few weeks before my EDD.  It was hassle free- Erin did everything I just needed to tell her the type of things that I wanted and the people/email addresses and Erin went through the format which I could add to if needed.


When the day finally came I was blown away by all the preparation Erin did and the thought that went into it. She led the day beautifully and her presence and humour just made everyone feel totally relaxed. 


The energy in the room was simply out of this world. We had set the day by a simple cleansing and purification and calling in the four directions- as someone who is sensitive to energy, the energy in the room was just divine.


The mother blessing had me in tears which I did not expect: the various readings, wishes and letters that were read by each of my sisters in circle and the positive birth affirmations  that we pinned up in my living room all moved me. It felt extra special for me to have my daughter with me to have her share in this experience and sit in a sacred circle too. We also did a fear release which is so important regardless of how many times you may have done this before. Everyone seemed so much lighter once we had released our fears to the universe with a simple fire ritual in the garden.


The 2 hours just flew by and we ended the with a shared feast (these are always so good to share food) as well as henna painting.


I had the most amazing and uplifting mother blessing I could imagine.


I have to say my house felt great even after we released the four directions and I sensed that mother earth was still around supporting me. The power of a scared circle and the spiritual grounding a mother blessing provides is simply indescribable, I feel it is almost a birth right for the baby and a rite of passage for the expectant mother.

When it was my baby's time to arrive I ended up labouring and giving birth in front of my fire place where we placed the sacred alter on the mother blessing day the energy was just so powerful.


Erin is a beautiful, humble, funny, laid back, connected, grounded doula and she always brings a heart warming smile, amazing, nourishing, wholesome food and lots of wisdom to any gathering.. she is definitely the right person to honour your pregnancy. I wholeheartedly recommend Erin to facilitate your mother blessing- it was such a beautiful day and I strongly feel women should be nourished in this way if it is their first or fifth time.'


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