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Infant Feeding Support

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I am an experienced breastfeeding specialist and have years of supporting families in and around London to meet their infant feeding goals. My qualifications include direct training from UNICEF's Baby Friendly Initiative and The Centre for Breastfeeding Education, a Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited lactation training, which fullfills the lactation hours necessary to take the IBCLE exam (International Board Certified Lactation Exam). I have been volunteering with Kingston Hospital's Infant Feeding Clinic since summer 2021 and I also work with Chelsea Westminster Hospital's Infant Feeding Team and Community Midwives. 

I provide accurate, current and evidence-based information about infant feeding and lactation to the families I support. 

I follow up with all my consultations with an extensive written list of links to trusted sources on topics we discussed. I offer ongoing support over whatsapp after a consultation, and offer follow up consultations at a reduced client fee. 

Studies indicate that 80% of women give up breastfeeding before they actually want to. This comes down to a multitude of reasons, such as lack of skilled support, pressure from friends/family, misinformation from providers or others, and a lack of understanding of how breastmilk production and milk supply work. I will answer your questions, provide education on lactation, offer advice and tips to both parents on how to position you and your baby to optimise a deep, and thus pain free latch, so that feeding is enjoyable, relaxing and fulfilling. 

I support the parent's choice, and I will do my best to help them reflect on what is right for them, their baby, and their family. 

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