'Love Your Birth' Birth Preparation workshops

The 2020 Love Your Birth Workshop dates are scheduled for the following Sundays:


April 26th

June 14th

September 6th

November 15th

We can also schedule a workshop 

according to your own individual needs.



Women remember their birth stories forever.


We wish to help you have a birth story you will want to stop people in the street to tell.


We wish to overhear ecstatic birth stories in every mummy baby coffee morning and playgroup.


We wish to empower you


The Love Your Birth workshop is a whole new approach to birth preparation; in our workshops we are not the “experts”, instead, you are. You know your body and our role is to help you remember the inner knowing you have,  to help you conjure the strength deep within you as you prepare to birth your baby. In our workshops you will create, share, experiment and begin new friendships with other women who are on the same journey as you.

I developed this workshop with my doula colleague, Jenna Rutherford, The Minimalsit Doula  We bring together our combined wisdom and love of all things birth to offer you our doula inspired day. 

We are mothers. We are passionate about birth, children, and womencraft. We are empathetic, compassionate women who believe in the strength women have. We trust that all women have the ability to birth well.

We wish to

  • explore your wishes and intentions.

  • help you conquer your fears and feel strong in mind and body.

  • enrich your birth experience.

  • help you feel in control of your body.

  • excite you to all the possibilities.

  • support and strengthen you, emotionally and physically.

  • help you gain confidence.

  • help you find your inner strength and wisdom.

  • help you trust your instincts.

  • fill you with fortitude, vision, and courage.

  • serve you.


We wish for a positive birth experience for all women.


You will

  • be heard.

  • connect with one another, and make friends.

  • connect with your baby.

  • relax and feel stronger.

  • feel luminous.

  • share, explore, reflect.

  • feel cherised and loved

'A wonderful workshop to prepare emotionally for birth.  Erin & Jenna are excellent. Now feeling very prepared and would recommend.' Vanessa, nearly 40 weeks


'Loved the session, it was warm and welcoming, uplifting and all in all a beautiful experience.'

 Sasha, 37 weeks, Evening workshop


'DoulaNatal creates a very positive atmosphere and the workshop helps you to discover your strength and reassurance in your own abilities.'  Zhanna, 31 weeks


'Very uplifting, highly recommend.' Ting, 38 weeks, Evening workshop


'A wonderful day, I feel very inspired and positive about the birth'.  Alice, 37 weeks


'An enjoyable evening focussing on myself, my baby and the strength of the women present.'

Mary, 33 weeks, Evening workshop


'It was a truly beautiful day, making time for each other and preparing to give birth.'  Sara, 37 weeks


'A calm, relaxed environment to listen, share and just be.' Ruth, 28 weeks, Evening workshop


'Very empowering, feel full of love and positivity.'  Clare, 31 weeks


'The DoulaNatal workshop was a really positive experience.  It allowed me to really take time to think about my journey ahead and connect with my baby.'  Danni, 24 weeks


'I would recommend the DoulaNatal workshop as a way of empowering yourself.  Erin and Jenna are both supportive and present.' Claire, birthing partner.


'The DoulaNatal course was a great course to help me relax and take control of my pregnancy and

empower me to have the birth I deserve.'  Katie, 34 weeks



'A wonderful day out, really focussing on me and baby and

all things positive about birth.'  Sara, 31 weeks



'I feel more connected to my baby and belief in my body to birth.  

Thank you for creating a safe space to rest in.'  Susan, 30 weeks



'What a fabulous experience.  Jenna and Erin are truly wonderful and

I've loved the day.'  Zuzana, 28 weeks



'I was amazed by how many women shared similar fears and

felt empowered at the end to conquer them all.'  Liv, 21 weeks



'Thank you for introducing a new world of connection

opportunities with my baby.'  Paolo, 39 weeks


I love to cook

As a postnatal doula, feel free to let me in to your kitchen to prepare for you and your family nutrient dense, delicious food. I will also bring a homecooked treat to all birth clients during their postnatal visit. 

Check out the instagram feed for more pictures of my delicious and nutritious meals.

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