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Those that I have supported have said...

'Having Erin as our doula for postnatal support has been invaluable to us. In the beginning I had doubts about my ability to breastfeed but Erin’s pre birth breastfeeding session gave me  the initial confidence that I needed going into this as a first time mom. After the birth of my son, the first few days and weeks were particularly challenging as he had jaundice but Erin was there for us throughout this difficult time. If we had any questions or concerns she was only a WhatsApp away. 


From teaching us how to soothe our baby to sleep, to showing me how to navigate through the struggles of breastfeeding, Erin’s support has been priceless. 


She is also an excellent cook and she helped us by prepare delicious meals for my family - a huge support during the early days of learning how to take care of a newborn. I wholeheartedly recommend Erin!' Nandita

'Erin’s kind, gentle nature, her patient ear, her vast knowledge (crucially evidence-based) and insatiable interest in all things mama and baby, make her a really special doula. In person Erin was an absolute Godsend but it was actually her remote support that I came to rely on more than I imagined. Erin was always at the end of the phone, text or email when I had a question or concern. And I mean any thing at all. “Does that sound like a normal nappy?” I'd ask. “Send me a pic!” she'd respond. She generously gave her time and knowledge to help me through some tricky and frightening times. I felt incredibly lucky to have her and truly don’t think I would have survived without her!' Fran

"I can't recommend Erin highly enough. She was the epitome of calm and kindness in those whirlwind first few months when it's total chaos! I had an elective C-Section and wasn't sure whether I wanted doula support, but it turned out she was just the the right fit for me and what I needed. I immediately felt at ease with her, trusted her implicitly around my baby, who instantly took to her, and valued her wisdom which was never forced on me but always gratefully received. As well as the advice and reassurance she was just a great listener and allowed me to take some small Time Outs to have a bath, go to a yoga class, get a breath of fresh air or simply sit in another room and have a moment all of which made me feel slightly more human! All safe in the knowledge my baby was in the best care." Jo 


“Erin is very knowledgeable and enormously interested in birth, babies and mothering. She is warm hearted and non judgemental. I had major breastfeeding issues which we chatted through – she was very supportive to me at this time. I looked forward to her coming, nothing was ever too much trouble. I consider Erin a friend now.” Ruth

"Erin is a warm, funny and kind person who instantly puts you at your ease. She is a caring and nurturing person and is very comfortable to be around. I felt safe and supported with her. She is gentle and a great listener, very sympathetic and caring. She was great with my toddler and also wonderfully caring and engaged with my baby. I felt very able to open up to her and offload. I also would ask her advice which she would give as suggestions, and often after researching first. She would roll up her sleeves as soon as she arrived and would tidy up; she was a huge help and was always looking for things to do. She was great at making food for us too." Charlotte

"Erin was so helpful. She did chores and babycare. She was compassionate and gave me confidence in my ability as a mum. She sympathised with my difficulties. I couldn't have survived without her." Felicity


“Erin is a lovely empathetic person to have in your home. She is also a great cook!” C.

"I strongly recommend Erin as a doula to everyone. She is someone who truly loves to be with babies and kids, she is knowledgeable as a doula and she is an amazing chef who can easily make delicious food even with simple instructions I gave to her." Vicky

"My husband and I were the luckiest when Erin came to help us after our baby girl, Tomiko, was born. Erin was incredibly caring, compassionate, and helped us so very much during those trying first few weeks. We are from Argentina so when living in London we didn’t have our family close by. Erin was there to support us and help us through it all. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS she was there with us. Her experience gave us confidence and she taught us so much. You and your family will in the best hands with her." Veronica

"Erin supported me during my first anxious months as a mum of twins. She helped me look after them and keep the house running but most importantly allowed me to get some much needed sleep. I appreciated her calmness in the face of my uncertainty and her vast experience and knowledge was invaluable in navigating those early weeks." Anupa

"Erin provided wonderful post natal doula support to me when my son was born. She covered for a few sessions while my regular post natal doula was away and I really appreciated her help. Living away from family meant that we needed additional support. She listened, provided support, and helped cook some tasty meals for us. This allowed me to rest and recover. Erin’s knowledge is extensive and current - which I found very helpful. She provided information and completely supported the decisions I made. I would highly recommend her services." Christle

"Erin supported me as a post natal doula for 6 months, following the birth of my little girl in December 2017. It was a challenging time with my husband working away and numerous issues with breastfeeding. Erin's support was invaluable during this time. I could breathe a sigh of relief during her visits, knowing that I could have a much needed break to go to the gym or rest. I instinctively trusted Erin to look after my daughter from the outset; she was so lovely and gentle with her. Erin has heaps of experience to call on in helping address the issues that come up on being a new mum. She also made delicious home cooked meals and snacks, and I'm still using some of her recipes. I would highly recommend her!" Megan

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