Doula Support, caring for families

I am available for pregnancy, labour and birth support, for postnatal support, and for breastfeeding support.  As an experienced doula I will help you navigate your journey, and to focus on your priorities: you, your baby, and your family. I can provide information, guidelines, evidence and virtual nourishment to ease your, and your partner's, path into parenthood. 

I offer in-person doula support, but also offer listening sessions on navigating pregnancy or parenthood via zoom.


Offering You Birth Support


As a Birth Doula, I will help to create a sacred space for you to birth your baby and to empower you to create the birth you deserve.

Postnatal Massage and 'hipping'


In a safe, nurturing and intentional space, I offer a deeply relaxing and powerful ceremony with specially herbs and oils, a postnatal massage and ‘hipping’, a gentle rocking of the hips, all for a "closing" or "sealing" of your journey, both energetically and physically.

Postnatal Ceremonies
Birth Doula
Postnatal Doula

Offering you Postnatal Support


As a Postnatal Doula I will help you in those beautiful early days of babymoon, and nourish you with my company, my meals, and my helping hands.

Antenatal Preparation

Birth Preparation Retreat


My Ante natal classes, a 'Creative Birth Journey' retreat, are designed from a doula perspective to empower and enlighten. They give you an opportunity to connect, discover and gain strength.

Get in touch to find out when the next all day retreat is scheduled for.

Infant feeding support

One to One, individualised help


Helping you reach your feeding goals.

Birth Trauma

The 3-Step Rewind Technique 


I work with individuals or couples to understand the impact of any trauma during the perinatal period, how it is affecting their day to day life, disturbing their inner world and causing them to respond in ways that are sometimes unhelpful. We work together to discover the changes that could take place if they were able to remove negative ways of thinking, feelings and responses. 


Mentoring new Doulas


I am a Mentor for newly qualified Doulas with both Doula UK and Younique Postnatal. My focus is on communication skills to help new Doulas self reflect on their strengths, building trust in themselves, and finding their inner voice. I step in to your narrative to help you identify your learning moments to expand and grow in your Doula career. 

Doula Mentorship
Mama Mentoring

Mentoring for parenthood


With a focus on active listening to your narrative, and asking the right questions to help you identify your vision and your truth, I help new parents navigate the early days, weeks or months of your baby to move forward into a place of parenting with less discomfort or anxiety and more confidence, empowerment and joy. 


Reach out to me for a chat to learn more. 

Mother Blessings

A Shower of Love and Friendship


Mother Blessings are a magical gathering of female friends and family for the mother to be.  I will guide us all in a ceremony where we bless, love and pamper you all in aid of emotionally preparing you for the new phase of motherhood.

Mother's Wisdom Circle

This monthly virtual community space is for women at all stages of their mothering; from newborn to teens. Come for sustenance; to be seen and witnessed wherever you are on your mothering journey. Join Nadia Raafat and I in mindful community monthly on a Wednesday evening at 8pm. We will meditate together, share mothers wisdom from different traditions as well as open the circle for the sharing of personal experience, resources and above all support for the mothers who join us. Book your space HERE

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