Doula Support, caring for families

I am available for pregnancy, labour and birth support, for postnatal support, and for breastfeeding support.  As an experienced doula I will help you navigate your journey, and to focus on your priority: you, your baby, and your family. I can provide information, guidelines, evidence and virtual nourishment to ease your, and your partner's, path into parenthood. 

I offer both virtual and in-person doula support.


We are so grateful to have had Erin as part of our birthing team. She is always reliable, responsive, professional, evidence-based and fully committed to enhancing the birth experience you want to have whatever that may be. Our birth threw us the unique and completely unforseen curveball of a global pandemic (!) which resulted in some changes to the birth plan as a result of government and hospital policy. At every stage Erin was all over every piece of guidance and every option available from the hospital and the government and was able to offer us the full suite of virtual support and complete assistance in reviewing our birth plan. It was unchartered territory for us and so many other couples. However, at every stage (including the final two nights in a row she stayed up with us assisting, advising and comforting) I know that we were in such a better place having that hand to hold enabling us to stay calm and relaxed and ultimately to improve and enhance our birth experience. COVID has challenged us all in very different ways, but I now know the true depth of support and assistance great doulas like Erin can offer and it really is very humbling. Thank you, Erin!

Hannah and George, May, 2020


'Erin’s kind, gentle nature, her patient ear, her vast knowledge (crucially evidence-based) and insatiable interest in all things mama and baby, make her a really special doula.

In person Erin was an absolute Godsend but it was actually her remote support that I came to rely on more than I imagined. Erin was always at the end of the phone, text or email when I had a question or concern. And I mean any thing at all.
“Does that sound like a normal nappy?”
“Send me a pic!”

She generously gave her time and knowledge to help me through some tricky and frightening times.

I felt incredibly lucky to have her and truly don’t think I would have survived without her!' Fran, March, 2020

Postnatal Doula

Offering You Birth Support


As a Birth Doula, I will help to create a sacred space for you to birth your baby and to empower you to create the birth you deserve.

Offering you Postnatal Support


As a Postnatal Doula I will help you in those beautiful early days of babymoon, and nourish you with my company, my meals, and my helping hands.

Mother Blessings

A Shower of Love and Friendship


Mother Blessings are a magical gathering of female friends and family for the mother to be.  I will guide us all in a ceremony where we bless, love and pamper you all in aid of emotionally preparing you for the new phase of motherhood.

Ante Natal Classes

One-Day Mini Retreat


Sacred Pregnancy retreats are part of the Sacred Living Movement. This weekend retreat offers you the opportunity to DIG DEEP, connect with yourself and your journey through pregnancy and motherhood. 

Please contact me for the dates of our upcoming one-day mini retreats.

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Sacred Pregnancy

Birth Preparation


My Ante natal classes are designed from a doula perspective to empower and enlighten. They give you an opportunity to connect, discover and gain strength.

Get in touch to find out when the next Love Your Birth Workshop is scheduled for.

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Birth Doula
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